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This week I hosted an ALC Intro session for people who are interested in coming and volunteering at the school as resource people, volunteer ALFs, and Infrastructural Supporters.

I hosted a Parent Interest night in partnership with @prez (Mercer) and @timotree, which went beautifully. It was exciting that we had a couple new parents, one who’s daughter is here in a visiting week, and another who’s daughter just started with us last week!

Showing people the school, explaining how it works, and sharing the beautiful stories (of which there are way too many to share in one meeting!). It used to be that when I would walk people through the school, I would speak a lot about possibility and potential, like a real estate agent showing off a building that needs work, but has a great foundation and a solid structure. Now, I get to be a starry eyed docent, enthusiastically showing people through a living, breathing space, explaining how it works, with powerful stories and examples. Now, the space speaks for itself. I regularly hand visitors over to students to explain tools, practices, structures, agreements and to show people the space. I still Schpiel, because I’m a storyteller and I looove telling the stories that get made here. Stories that give me hope for the future of humanity, stories that, in their specific and personal way, evince the incredible power of what happens here, where children grow according to their spirit’s direction, where interactions and relationships exist that defy what “the world” says are possible. Where the lines between learning and life are not blurred, but entirely non-existent. Where authenticity, trust, communication, and creativity are not the aims of frustrated idealists, but the practices of a living breathing community.

I’d rather be a docent pointing to miracles than convincing people that miracles are possible.




My docency works because I stay connected to the community by actually being a part of it!

This week, I also changed my relationship to being really productive at the school while still actively facilitating and engaging with kids! I stayed home one day this week to get some emails done, I got a lot of emails done, and still made it back to school in time to play a little.

The next day, I thought that I would like to get my work done and play, and I challenged myself to do both, because I want to stay connected to the work of facilitation on the ground. So, I came to school and filled out a very ambitious kan ban for my day, and. . . I accomplished it! I had a great day filled with energy, and with space for emergent play with amazing young people!

Yesterday @kingthanos and I went outside on the patio yesterday to connect and talk about our summers, and life, and life-choices, and FOOD. We both agreed that we wanted to do more exercise, and after we hung out Thanos said in passing, “hey, we should do another Shambles trip (the best butcher shop in NYCC) and carnivore lunch again soon.” I had already accomplished a heaping pile of to-do’s on my Kan-Ban that I felt the space to say, “Let’s do it now! And let’s run the whole way!”

So we did. It was awesome. And It was especially cool because @kingthanos helped me to remember some of my priorities in my life and because they line up with his, we were able to move into them together, powerfully, and generatively, and because we were so stoked, @agilepanda joined us and ran with us to Shambles (I reiterated the link because you should totes check it out) and back!

Today was a little less fabulous because I maintained my ambitious today column, and I didn’t actually take the time to think about how long each item would take! I’ll do that next week!


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  1. Tariq says:

    The idea of an introduction session for people interested in volunteering as resource people, ALFs or support people sounds like a really interesting way of building up resources and generating a stronger sense of community. I really like the idea of handing over to the students so that they can explain the space, practices and tools. I think this type of exercise could offer many learning opportunities.

    I think that being able to tell the wonderful story behind the ALC space, the people and the experiences must be a fascinating way to also reconnect with what you are doing and rekindle the sense of wonder that must go along with working in such a dynamic and fulfilling environment.

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