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I love the flavor of the world

when Winter sings her last

and quietly,  with  little  steps

Spring warms through cold’s arrest


And outside, outside, outside

my soft sallow body goes!

To breathe the air

and feel the earth

wet~firm beneath my toes


And O’ the birds! The robins first

then geese, starlings, and jays

come calling through

with tender trills

Now swallows here today!


What  do you  see  in all this  life?

What   do    you    wish    to   make?

What do you wish  to do, my friend?

When  life   breathes   wide awake?


We’ve water in abundance now

n’ light throughout the day,

We’ve seeds to plant

in soil


with nutriment of clay


O’ In thyself, friend, can you see

this Spring glow in your heart?

What grace in thee, dear

will  you  grow?


For now’s the time to start!

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