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Our First Week With Chuck

Please enjoy this list of things that I feel great about that happened this week:

  • Maple Sugaring
  • An all day road trip to buy 60 lbs of beeswax
  • candle making
  • ninja
  • wrestling
  • making lye
  • making messes
  • cleaning messes
  • making more messes
  • cleaning more messes
  • hanging out with horses
  • community meetings
  • lots of food
  • reading
  • walks to the fire circle
  • tiny house site inspections
  • coup
  • gender discussions
  • lots of video calls
  • laughing
  • more lots of food
  • “I can get a pretty good tone out of my belly button”
  • a visit from Connor, Vic, and Aaron

I feel deeply excited to get to play with Chuck at Cloudhouse.


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