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things happen in this work that i wish to write about.

i do not write about them,

though I want to.


i want to tell you about my most precious moments.


when all my thoughts, and feelings, and fears, and frustrations, and histories, and expectations, and assumptions, and understandings, and intentions, and what, and what come together.

with all of theirs.

to create a lesson.


a gift

i receive only in the giving.


i have seen these gifts perish

for a moment’s hesitation to listen.

for a moment’s hesitation to speak.


in them i bear witness to change.


the human spirit teaches me

that clarity in love nourishes.

that I have nothing to fear.


i can’t write about them.

i can’t tell you about them.

they don’t belong to me.


these things,

these moments,

these lessons,

these gifts,



belong to those who receive them.



I can only tell you,

they happen.

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