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Personal Utopia

I asked Milo for a prompt, and he said:

What would a day in your personal utopia be for you?

I said “thank you.”

The following does not represent a day in my personal utopia, but a week.

I do know that this week I started casting little wax sculptures of myself with a mold I made six years ago. I started drawing pictures and comics of a character named Morvin. I worked on the Cloudhouse site a bunch, staying up until 2:00 AM on it last night. I got clearer about my commitment to integrity, trust in self directed learning, and non-attachment. I spent a whole cloudhouse day playing minecraft. I read more about the world-changing power of video games and games in general. I went for a walk to practice E-prime. I shoveled snow in my underwear at midnight (I wore gloves and boots, because it seemed unwise not to). I assembled a playlist of NPR tiny desk concerts for Lily. I participated in two change-up meetings that seemed to move things in new ways in Cloudhouse (having @timotree here made an enormous different). I talked to my Dad about my grandma’s passing. I spoke with Twaif about his struggle to get an ALC started in his Village in Kayunga, Uganda.

I live in a utopia already, and I still find myself getting slurchy, and grungky, and glum! What the heck?!

How, with all this exactly perfect stuff, can I not in awe of everything all the time?

I don’t know!

A day in my personal utopia would look like any day in my personal utopia. I would just stay present to the Mystery the whole time.

Starting next Saturday I will take a silent week so I have to stay a little more present to the mystery by not blabbing about it so much!

love, foolish love, Love,


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