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First Teen, First Float, First Day



Last year, Cloudhouse consisted of Will and me.

This year Will goes to Buxton; a very progressive, top-tier boarding school. I call Buxton very progressive, as I call Agile Learning Centers as bogglingly radical.

Last year Will and I mostly did our own things independantly. We organized trips to AgileNYC, we ate together, we did morning and end of the day meetings, we built out the Cloudhouse basement with whiteboard, set up a makerspace, listened to episodes of This American Life, ripsticked in an abandoned warehouse, played in the stream, worked on comedy, wrote emails, discussed semantics, and many, many, many, many more things that I don’t remember now at 4:05 in the morning on this, the first day of 2015.

It may sound like we did a bunch together, and I suppose we did, but Will spent the vast majority of his time exploring his passions of coding, programming, hardwaring, CAD designing, graphic designing, video game designing, Reddit community moderating, 3d printing, making things from instructables, creating completely new things and then making instructables of them, building the first open source cell-phone that people build in a graduate level class at MIT’s Media Lab, making stop-motion animations, etc.

And, somehow, he still did Math on Khan Academy, Spanish on Duolingo, Music with a local wizard, human sexuality with a muse-RN/family friend, jewelry making class with his mom, snowboarding with his sibling’s sweet, sweet school, leatherworking with a local leatherworker, and more other stuff.

Earlier today/yesterday (the sun has yet to rise) Will and I, along with @Drew and Will’s cousin Caleb all drove an hour to float in a sensory deprivation tank. None of us had ever done it before.

When I worked at AERO, Jerry Mintz would tell me incredible stories about Shaker Mountain School. A number of stories shared a theme of a student that only attended Shaker Mountain for the year. The student would have a couple extremely powerful experiences, and would then move on to go back to a more traditional school, but, of course, by their choice.

Now, I have to get to bed, because I promised Will I would get to cleaning our matching Smith Corona Galaxie VII typewriters first thing in the morning.

I Post this blog-post unfinnished, because I have made a resolution to myself to blog.


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