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This week I relearned how important slack time outside around kids is.

I accomplished the most today when I set an intention to go to the park. I didn’t know exactly what I would do there, I just knew I really wanted to go and I wanted to go with my friends. When we were there I did most of the things I did in the day because inspiration and nature tend to fill our cups with things to do wherever we go. I wonder sometimes about over-intentioning, of declaring too many things that I want to do, and getting really specific about what they’re going to look like. It’s been a theme of my last couple weeks. I have beautiful visions, but if I get attached to them, then I end up fighting with present because I attach myself to a fantasy about the future. The really simple things, like getting exuberantly excited about picking and eating mulberries, and laying down in the sun, and just sharing company with people I really want to share company with are what really bring me joy and where the most learning and the most creative energy comes from. I find it fascinating that I can get in the way of my own experience by putting expectations on my play.

And/but then there’s the way heartfelt intention setting can make a huge difference. The most magical part of my day (which was filled with magic) was my park trip, which I could have easily forgone because I wanted to nap. It was so nice, and if I hadn’t made the commitment out loud to a community, I would have bailed on it. Now, that I feel cranky and physically exhausted I may have to bail on other commitments in my day, and/but I have no regrets about that because I want to live a life that prioritizes going to a park with partners and children really, really high. Because it has always, always, always made me feel more alive.



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  1. NancyT says:

    Your blog speaks to my heart! I too have to find the balance of making intentions and taking care to do things that feel important for me to do and also creating space for me to go with the flow and just appreciate and joy everything around me just as it is. I’ve grown a lot in that area during this school year and feeling really grateful that I’ve found a rhythm that feels joyful and productive to me. It’s cool to read your words here and feel like I’ve typed them out myself!!!

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