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Bear Lays an Egg – Version 4.5

I  want

to build a tiny house

a   house   that’s   very   small

I want a house shaped like an egg

with    white    and    earthen    walls

I want a mattress on the floor

I want a desk to think

I want a stove

for burning wood

I   want   a   little   sink

I want big windows facing south

for          light          to stream inside

I want two windows, East and West

that breathe when opened wide

I want a door

made out of wood

with doorknobs made of brass

I want the   light   of candles

made of bees’ busyness

I want a wooden basin

for to wash my body clean

and I want a pair of tweezers

to pull splinters out of me

I want a piece of paper and a pen to mark it up

so I can write

and write, and write

enough, enough, enough

I want a lot of nothing

and I want a lot of space

I want a lot of time outside




a place

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